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On The Road

Posted by Nathan Landers on

About four months ago, as we were traveling from an event in upstate New York, Lyndall turns to me and says "Lets travel around the U.S."!  " Right now is the best time". I sat back in may chair and said "OK"! I got super excited .....like a 7 year old who gets a shopping spree at a candy store! Then I turned to her and said in the most serious voice I could muster in that moment..." you aren't going to wake up tomorrow morning and change your mind"? She said "no" and away we went talking about where to go and what to do and when are we going to do this.

Along with this being a dream we have had in our heads for the past 10 years, it was also the best time we could think of to do such a thing. We have three children ages 7,5 and 2 (almost 3). What are we thinking and why? I can see us on the open road with the wind in our hair (coming through the minivan windows) and kids sitting quietly in the back taking in the amazing creation God has made... Then my mind switches over to the pessimistic part of my brain which paints a completely different picture....Kids screaming, rain every day....me on the side of the road changing tires in the desert...my wife ready to jump from the vehicle because honestly...I can be a handful! But more than likely we will fall somewhere in between those two extremes. :)

We are in a very unique part of our lives with an amazing opportunity. I know this is a very rare opportunity and we are going for it! We have been blessed with this time and the ability to take advantage of it. Also, we are truly grateful that God has opened the doors for us.

As we take off into the unknown (for us), this trip is pivotal for our family. We are entering a new season of our life with work and ministry. After many years of full time ministry we are asking and seeking God for the next steps in our continuing  journey. We are excited for the plans he will lay out for us. 

We thank you all for the prayers and support as we are on this journey.


God Bless

Nate & Lyndall
Enjoying our Happy Homestead Life


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