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Poddles Natural Oil Diffuser

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Essential oil diffuser hand turned from the Banksia Pod native to Australia. 

Hand turned at our Happy Homestead
All natural essential oil diffuser.

Instructions: Take out cork and add 10 drops of your favorite 100% essential oil. . Place cork back in the opening and within a day or two the oil will absorb into the pod for you to enjoy.
After this, simply follow up with a drop or two when needed.
How to change scents:
Remove cork and let stand for 3-5 days then simply repeat the process described above with your new favorite essential oil.


Some of our favorites are using lavender in the bedroom, eucalyptus in the home office and purification in the bathroom. The Banksia Pod Natural Essential Oil Diffusers a wonderful addition to your home or office


Approximate Size:

Original - Height  2 1/4"  Width-2"

Sizes May Vary